Calvin Begay Sun Pendant
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Large Red Spiney Sun


Artist: Calvin Begay
Tribe: Navajo Nation
(Utah, Arizona, New Mexico)

This is a sun pendant designed by Calvin Begay. It has the red spinny oyster shell, Black Jet, and a red lab created opal.

Spiney Oyster Shell

Scientifically called Spondylus vary considerably in appearance and range. From purple to orange, red and yellow. They are grouped in the same superfamily as the scallops, but like the true oysters, they cement themselves to rocks, rather than attaching themselves in a byssus. Their key characteristic is the two parts of their shells are hinged together with a ball-and-socket type hinge, rather than toothed hinge as is more common in other bivalves. Spondylus have multiple eyes around the edges of their shells, and they have relatively well-developed nervous systems. Spiney oyster shells are found in the Gulf of California and the Pacific Coast and South in the warm waters of South America.

Materials: Sterling Silver

Width - 1.50 in. Length - 1.75 in.

Price - $315.00

Shipping: FREE
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